2018 Drivers Meeting February 20

2018 registration and track rules meeting will be held on February 20 at 6:30pm at the Stoney Point Sportsman’s Club.

Bring a completed Registration form to expedite the registration process.       Registration Form

Season registration is $60 . After April 15, registration is $100
Registration form available on website. Please complete the form and bring to the meeting
Season parking pit spots remain $25 .

Rules for 2018 include:
– 2016 AKRA engine rules will be used for the 2018 season. NO porting allowed              –  presenting a  working driver scanner to tech weekly.

  • adult box stock replaced with Claimer Box Stock – $500 claim rule using 2016 AKRA rules Flywheel, cam, carb included in the engine (not pipe, clutch, top plate, pump, ).  Ages lowered to 13 and up – 375 lb
  • Sportsman (stock appearing) replaced with Sportsman Mod – added 2 cycle
  • Rookie Red class added – New drivers and drivers advancing from the Starter class will participate in this class.  no season points for this class.  Track Discretion to advance in the Red Plate Championship class.
  • Preseason Tech – at test and tune have a tech inspection for safety at seasons start. Complete checklist and submit at pre-season tech
  • Test and tunes can be announced on the website if the weather is good before May

2018 Dirt series calendar is posted in Calendar

2018-Kart-Competition-HandbookV1.7 is posted in Track Rules

Registration Form

Please print the 5150 Speedway  Registration form and complete for the Driver Meeting February 20,2018


Registration is $60 for 2017 until April 15.  After April 15, Registration is $100.             Pit parking is $25                                                                                                          Any Starter driver needs to bring a photocopy of their birth certificate or government ID with their birth date..                                                                                                 Starter drivers and Rookie drivers require no registration fee